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Metal partial dentures are usually made from an alloy of cobalt and chromium and they are much stronger. They are lighter to wear and can be supported by the remaining teeth. Although the base is metal, acrylic is then used to attach artificial teeth to the metal framework.

Natural teeth provide extra retention for a partial denture and more importantly distribute the loading and stresses of a partial denture through these natural teeth. Cast partial dentures that rest on natural teeth are referred to as ‘tooth borne’ partial dentures. This prevents the denture compressing and damaging delicate tissue structures surrounding those teeth. Tooth coloured resins can provide an almost "invisible" clasping solution.

Cobalt chromium dental plates can be designed in various ways to suit individual patients, for example using a 'skeleton' or 'equipoise' design which minimises the surface the denture will come into contact with. They can also be utilised to reinforce full dentures and be used to strengthen implant retained acrylic dentures in high stress areas.

Tooth borne Cobalt Chrome removable partial dentures require careful design, planning and team approach. Sometimes minor preparation or modification of your natural teeth is required to facilitate the fabrication of a successful removable partial denture.

Although more expensive than acrylic, Cobalt Chrome dentures are considered the partial dentures of choice, for the long term integrity of your remaining natural teeth and overall oral health. At Intelligent Dental Solutions we only use high quality Vitallium alloys for Private and Independant frameworks, and high quality Chrome Cobalt alloys for NHS quality frameworks.

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