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What are Cosmetic Dentures ?
Cosmetic dentures are designed to look just like your natural teeth and gums. Natural teeth have a layer of bright enamel, although this becomes thinner as people get older. You'll see that the upper front teeth are not all the same colour and translucency. The laterals are lighter and more translucent than the centrals and the canines are darker than either. Look again at the centrals and you may see two very slight fingers of translucency, or mamelons, coming off the incisal edge. These beautiful and subtle effects, formed during development break up the light and add character to the natural teeth. Frequently the necks of the teeth or the central lobes are darker and their effect changes as the person turns their head. The untrained eye does not consciously register this amount of detail. However when it sees someone with dentures the brain registers that something is missing. The incorporation of this detail is what makes an Enigma denture the true cosmetic option.

Enigma Cosmetic Teeth reproduce all these effects. It is this incredible attention to details, together with the fact that for the upper front teeth alone there are more than 1350 possible combinations that make them into the true cosmetic teeth.

What is Cosmetic Gum Work?
Traditionally, dentures have been made by fixing the teeth to pink acrylic to reproduce the appearance of the gums. Unfortunately this is unnatural. The pink colour of the gums is brought about by the tiny blood vessels within the tissue and their colour is therefore not uniform.

There are two ways that this is reduced within the Enigma Cosmetic Denture System. The first is to add special fibres to the acrylic to simulate the veins in natural gums. This looks much more realistic and more faithfully reproduces the appearance of real gums.

The second is more involved requiring additional time and specialist technical skills and mimics the variation in colour that comes both from the blood vessels and the bony structure beneath the surface. Intelligent Dental Solutions provides the additional service of reproducing their appearance - using specially developed polymers - the Enigma Colour Tones.

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Enigma Cosmetic Dentures

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