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Intelligent Dental Solutions also offer a first class service providing cost-effective providing Surgical and Radiographic Stents, Study Models and Kois Deprogrammers.

What is a Surgical Stent?
A stent is an appliance used for radiographic evaluation during treatment planning for implant placement and during surgical procedures to locate optimal implant placement site. The stent with dental CT scan enables the dental team to identify specific sites of prospective implant surgery and hence determines the optimal position and angulation of implant relative to occlusal load. Aided by stent the surgeon can avoid undesirable implant site preparation and minimize unnecessary osteotomy, resulting in favorable design of prosthesis, reduced surgical trauma, reduced surgical time and increased patient comfort.

What is a Kois Deprogrammer & how does it work?
It is a simple retainer you wear for about a week to 10 days to help us find the ‘ideal’ relationship for your teeth and jaws. This ideal position is one where the jaw, the muscles and teeth are in line and work in harmony. Often nature does not align them perfectly and in some people this can lead to a number of problems. Most often these include worn, broken or cracked teeth in the back and shorter, thinning or chipped teeth in the front. Many people also experience sore, tight or tender muscles, headaches or the sensation that they don’t know where their teeth fit together comfortably. It is very important to be sure your bite is properly aligned if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or are considering renewing your smile with crowns or veneers.

The DPG works by allowing the jaw to seat itself completely and the muscles to find their most comfortable position without the teeth interfering. While wearing the DPG you will only be contacting in the front by design. This creates a tripod between the two joints and the small platform on the front of the DPG. This allows the facial muscles the freedom to align themselves in the most comfortable, relaxed and efficient chewing position. After wearing the DPG you will have a follow up visit where we will record your new jaw position and then analyze it on our special ‘bite machine’ (articulator). This analysis will help determine what would be the best treatment recommendation for your specific situation.

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